How Organisations Win with Active Travel

How Organisations Win with Active Travel

How organisations are Winning with Active Travel

At a time where sustainability and staff wellbeing are a priority for businesses and organisations, the concept of “active travel” has gained significant traction.

Active travel refers to any form of human-powered transportation, such as walking, cycling, or scooting, that promotes physical activity while reducing carbon emissions. In essence, active travel is about getting you moving from A to B with less fossil fuels.

E-bikes arguably stand out as the most compelling active travel choice, offering a perfect blend of efficiency, accessibility, and eco-friendliness. Encouraging staff to switch from cars to e-bikes can be a game-changer, not only for employees’ well-being but also for the environment and the bottom line. Most journeys people make using cars are under 5 miles, so there’s real potential to swap the car for an e-bike.

Organisations bear significant responsibility in decarbonising our economy and achieving our net zero targets. With transport standing as the UK’s largest single source of emissions, a critical aspect involves rethinking how we travel. Whether for commuting or other business trips, embracing active travel with e-bikes can notably aid in emissions reduction.

Understanding the Benefits of Active Travel

Cost Savings

The average cost of maintaining car is around £319 per month in the UK, plus an average price of between £100 and £1000 for leasing/purchasing a car. From fuel costs to parking fees and congestion charges, commuting by car can be a significant financial burden for both employees and employers. In contrast, the ongoing costs associated with e-bikes, such as electricity for charging and periodic maintenance, are just 1p per mile. Moreover, initiatives such as the Cycle to Work scheme provide tax incentives and cost-effective financing options for employers looking to facilitate e-bike adoption among their staff. For example, the lease or purchase cost of an e-bike, compared to a car, is as low as £67 per month through someone like the “Green Commute Initiative“.

Other cost benefits include the well-being impact of active travel with increased productivity and reduced number of sick days. Absenteeism costs employers £258 per day and the average worker takes 4.5 days off a year, compared to 2.4 days for people who cycle. Regular exercise, even in the form of commuting, has been linked to reduced stress levels and better overall health. Encouraging employees to embrace active travel, particularly through e-bikes, can significantly improve their physical and mental well-being.

Meet CO2 Objectives

Commuting alone contributes to 98% of an individual’s work-related carbon footprint. As many as three million commuters travel as little as two kilometres to work, making an uptick in active travel one of the most actionable ways to drive down corporate emissions.
Businesses dedicated to creating sustainability reports can now easily prioritise assisting employees in switching to e-biking. This becomes particularly crucial with Scope 3 Contractual Emissions Reporting, which encompasses employee commuting, significantly influencing companies’ bids for new work.

E-bikes, when charged with Solarcycle, are the zero-emission mode of transport, emitting no greenhouse gases during operation. Solarcycle stands out in the market with its unique Reporting Function, which tracks the free-to-use, 100% renewable solar energy discharged in kWh. This feature empowers organisations to monitor their progress towards sustainability goals and accurately measure their carbon impact. As the sole off-grid solar e-bike charging system with this capability, Solarcycle stands out as the premier product in the market.

Active Travel in Numbers

We have set out some of the key benefits of adopting active travel with Solarcycle into the organisation. This is to demonstrate the significant impact that can be achieved when just 15% of employees switch from the car to an e-bike and charging with Solarcycle. Here are some highlights:

Those who cycle take 40% fewer sick days, resulting in saving an organisation with 25 employees 7.2 sick days per annum, 36 days for an organisation with 100 employees, a staggering 360 days for an organisation with 1,000 employees, and 1,620 days for an organisation with 4,500 employees – an absenteeism saving of £417,960.

Solarcycle eliminates the need for expensive groundworks, which can account for up to 60% of grid-connected EV charge station installation costs. Based on the typical cost of installing mains e-bike chargers for our customers, the saving with Solarcycle for an organisation with 25 staff and 3 e-bikes will be £20,000, rising to an incredible 3,6m for organisations with 4,500 staff and powering 75 e-bikes.

Most notable are the annual CO2 savings from carbonless commuting with active e-bike travel and Solarcycle charging. An organisation with 25 employees and 15% e-biking will save 3.252,000g of CO2, this rises to 16.260,000 g of CO2 for an organisation with 100 employees, and a staggering 731.700,000 g of CO2 for an organisation with 4,500 employees.

Promoting e-bike commuting as a form of active travel presents a win-win solution for businesses, employees, and the environment. By embracing this sustainable and health-conscious transportation option, companies can foster a culture of well-being, significantly reduce their carbon footprint, and reap the financial benefits of a more cost-effective and efficient mode of commuting.

Solarcycle offers businesses an impactful proposition with its cost-effective, sustainable solution for reducing carbon footprints through active travel adoption. With no ongoing energy costs, minimal installation expenses, and both financial and environmental benefits, Solarcycle stands out as a smart choice. Access Solarcycle’s ‘Business Case Kit’ to effectively advocate for solar-powered e-bike charging within your organisation. Download your kit now and let’s join forces to create a greener, healthier, and more sustainable world.

Planning an E-bike Scheme?

Use our Business Case Kit packed with the latest facts and tools to help you build an internal brief or apply for funding.

Solarcycle UK Expands E-bike charging to Europe with Launch of Solarcycle Iberia in Spain

Solarcycle UK Expands E-bike charging to Europe with Launch of Solarcycle Iberia in Spain


Solarcycle UK Expands to Europe with Launch of Solarcycle Iberia in Spain

Solarcycle UK proudly announces the high momentum launch of Solarcycle Iberia, marking a significant stride in sustainable transportation infrastructure. 

With five of its cutting-edge ‘solar-in-a-box’ e-bike charging systems already operational across Spain, Solarcycle Iberia aims to cater to the burgeoning demand for workplace and community e-bike charging solutions in Spain and beyond.

The establishment of Solarcycle Iberia comes at a pivotal moment as organisations, municipalities, and building contractors in Spain prepare for forthcoming legislation on sustainable travel and green energy initiatives. Similar trends are being observed across Europe, underscoring a substantial opportunity for Solarcycle’s innovative off-grid e-bike charging solutions.

Solarcycle Iberia’s inaugural installations include the deployment of safe and reliable e-bike charging along the dedicated cycling route between the villages of Arcentales, Karrantza, and Trucios, near Bilbao. Subsequent installations include a new charging totem and bicycle parking in the picturesque town of Sestao to support the Municipality’s purchase of 8 e-bikes, promoting the local tourist route.

A further sleek Solarcycle e-bike charging totem can be found outside Artaxanda Sports Centre in Bilbao, providing free 100% renewable energy e-bike charging for customers. Each installation and case study serves as a testament to Solarcycle’s commitment to providing accessible, efficient, and sustainable e-bike charging infrastructure.

Developed by cyclists for cyclists, Solarcycle is the first company to offer an off-grid, ‘solar-in-a-box’ EV charging solution. As a licensed partner, Solarcycle Iberia handles all manufacturing locally, supported by Solarcycle UK who provide marketing, exhibition, and sales collateral, as well as the product roadmap. Under the new license, Solarcycle Iberia are provided with a comprehensive bill of materials, illustrated assembly guide, supply chain agreements, and system diagram wiring guide.


“This is a unique e-bike charging solution for Spain and Europe. The charging totem is a fantastic design, coupled with the ease of installation that does not require any groundwork.”.

Sergio Dominguez, Co-Founder of Solarcycle Iberia, expresses enthusiasm about the partnership, stating: “It’s terrific that Paul gave us the opportunity to participate in Solarcycle. This is a unique e-bike charging solution for Spain and Europe. The charging totem is a fantastic design, coupled with the ease of installation that does not require any groundwork. Paul went out of his way to help us in setting us up, providing us with marketing, product, and technical support to have us up and running being able to service our first new customers.”

“The licensing model is scalable, and we are actively looking for partners in the rest of the world who are looking for an award-winning product with a strong roadmap to help them decarbonise transport in other regions.”.

Paul Stratford, Founder of Solarcycle UK, shares his excitement about the collaboration, affirming: “I am delighted about this new license partnership with Solarcycle Iberia to make our ‘solar-in-a-box’ e-bike charging stations available in Spain and Europe. To help Sergio and Fernando hit the ground running, we visited them in Spain and provided product training, site visits and installation advice. We also gather data from the units and will supply over the air updates remotely via our app. The licensing model is scalable, and we are actively looking for partners in the rest of the world who are looking for an award-winning product with a strong roadmap to help them decarbonise transport in other regions.”

Solarcycle’s smart modular solar charging stations can be tailored to any situation and scale. With a unique Reporting Function, measuring the kWh of free-to-use, 100% renewable solar energy dispensed, organisations can track their progress towards their sustainability goals and demonstrably measure their carbon impact. Solarcycle is the only off-grid solar e-bike charging system to offer this feature, making it a standout product in the market.

Quick to install and with no need for groundworks and mains connection, these solar powered e-bike charge points are up and running in just one day. The system captures sunlight via flexible PV panels and converts this renewable energy into electrical current for e-bike charging on the SolarPoint totems, with each totem configured to charge up to two bikes simultaneously. Solarcycle is designed to provide an environmentally and financially sustainable transport solution to support the transition to carbonless commuting.


Pricing includes custom branding, secure shelters, managed support, and e-bikes if required and starts as low as £7,995. Pilot and leasing schemes are also available. Combining the latest technology, Solarcycle makes charging electric bikes with clean, renewable energy easy and affordable. For more information contact

Combining the latest technology, Solarcycle makes charging electric bikes with clean, renewable energy easy and affordable. For more information contact >


Solarcycle.UK Scoops Award for Smarter Transport at Crest Business Awards.

Solarcycle.UK Scoops Award for Smarter Transport at Crest Business Awards.


Solarcycle Scoops Award for Smarter Transport at Crest Business Awards

Solarcycle.UK was recently honoured with the prestigious Smarter Transport award at the Crest Business Awards held at WWF-UK’s Living Planet Building in Woking on October 26th, 2023. 

The award ceremony, a part of the Crest Business Awards Convention, celebrated sustainable solutions in various categories. Solarcycle.UK’s victory in the Smarter Transport category highlighted the company’s dedication to promoting sustainability through its innovative solar-powered e-bike chargers.

The event, presented by Sustainability Leaders, Joanna Yarrow and Professor Lorenzo Fioramonti provided Solarcycle.UK a chance to showcase its cutting-edge solar e-bike charging technology – emphasising its contribution to helping organisations achieve their transport, environment, and employee well-being goals at an affordable monthly cost.

On the company’s stand visitors were able to explore and discuss the e-bike charging solutions, and experience first-hand, the latest in off-grid e-bike metering software. This innovation in CO2 reporting calculates the reductions in employee’s carbon emissions, required in scope 3 reporting which is another 1st for Solarcycle in the UK.

Presenting the award, Matt Furniss, Cabinet member for Highways 

Recognising the potential of e-bikes as a transformative solution amid rising costs, traffic congestion, and concerns about employee well-being, Solarcycle.UK pioneered the development of the UK’s first off-grid, solar-powered e-bike chargers. These chargers can be installed anywhere, irrespective of access to mains electricity.

Andy Hyatt, Facilities Manager at St Peter’s Hospital, who also joined the evening, praised Solarcycle’s cost-effective and environmentally sustainable approach, citing a significant saving in installation expenses and hassle compared to mains-powered e-bike alternatives.

The Crest Business Awards event highlighted a prominent theme: businesses prioritising environmental and social well-being over profits are better positioned to thrive sustainably in the long run, especially in the face of current global uncertainties. Solarcycle founder Paul Stratford expressed his pride in receiving the Crest Business Awards prize. “This recognition really underscores my company’s ongoing commitment to revolutionise travel for the benefit of employees, organisations, and the planet”.

 Paul Stratford praised customers, like Andy Hyatt (left), who recognise the shift towards e-bike adoption. “Andy and the hospital are promoting a future less dependent on cars for short journeys, bringing benefits to travel, environment and people’s wellbeing”.

Carol Miller, from Crest Business Awards said “Solarcycle embodies so much of what a sustainable business is about and really impressed our judges who selected the Solarcycle entry as the Smarter Transport Award 2023 winner. We are sure that Solarcycle is destined to be a green business thought leader.” 

Winners not only received the coveted plaque but also gained vouchers for CES and the Institute for Sustainability, enabling them to further innovate and develop their organisations. Paul Stratford went on to say “Solarcycle.UK, with its roadmap of features, is well poised to become a global leader, focusing on user experience, organisational growth, and environmental preservation. Working with The Institute for Sustainability is a remarkable opportunity, which we’ll take advantage of immediately”.

Missed the event?

Would you like to discuss employee CO2 savings in your organisation?

Solarcycle.UK invites organisations of all sizes to get in touch. Using our proprietary tools, we can help organisations calculate the significant savings that solar e-bike chargers would bring, impacting their scope 3 emissions reporting positively.

The enormous benefits of the Cycle to Work Scheme

The enormous benefits of the Cycle to Work Scheme

The enormous benefits of the
Cycle to Work Scheme

The number of people choosing to bike to work instead of driving is on the rise.  This is due in part to people realising the effects of the climate, health and financial crises.  As commuting by bike increases in popularity, employers need to embrace and support this transport revolution.

The Cycle to Work Scheme is a sustainable and self-funding employee benefit using salary sacrifice to access tax savings.  The legislation around the scheme can be tricky to navigate which is why you should engage with a specialist provider such as Green Commute Initiative (GCI).  With GCI, the scheme is quick and easy to use.

Here’s just some of the reasons you should be offering the scheme to your employees.

  • Access to significant savings of 32 – 47% on a new bike and accessories
  • Active travel improves physical and mental health
  • Helps organisations achieve sustainability targets (net zero)
  • Self-funding as employer saves 13.8% NIC
  • Increases employee performance
  • Improves staff retention
  • Reduces workplace absenteeism
  • Builds morale 
  • Gains respect from your local community

As we battle the cost-of-living crisis and the climate emergency, it’s never been a better time to give your employees access to the Cycle to Work Scheme.

Use the experts!

There are numerous reasons why both public sector and private organisations are turning to GCI to provide this key staff benefit:

  • No £1,000 spend limit – get any type of bike you need including ebikes and cargo bikes.
  • No ownership fees – completely unnecessary!  GCI helps you make maximum savings.
  • Flexible salary sacrifice terms from 3 to 60 months.  Weekly deductions can be accommodated. Having manageable monthly payments is the key to success!
  • Scheme is free to use for both the employer and employee.
  • Just 5% commission charged to bike shops and GCI pays them quickly which is vital for small businesses.
  • Applications are processed either same day/next day. 
  • GCI is a not-for-profit social enterprise – the only provider with this status.


Fully Charged rundown of e-cargo bikes

No spend limit is crucial

There is no scheme limit with GCI which gives employers the flexibility they need to customise their scheme.  Employers can choose a limit they are comfortable with, or they can leave it open to really give employees the opportunity to get a bike that suits their needs.  This leads the way to ebikes and cargo bikes which are leading the micro-mobility revolution.  Research shows that at least 12% of those intending to buy a bike soon will first look at ebikes so the key to having a successful scheme is to have a spend limit which can accommodate this.

A solution for everyone

Everyone Cycle is a scheme for employees who are unable to take part in a salary sacrifice scheme whether due to their salary level or employment status.  Using Everyone Cycle alongside the main Cycle to Work Scheme means you have active travel solutions available to all staff members.

Active travel solutions for company travel

GCI’s Green Bike Pool is available to organisations who wish to have an ebike pool for staff to use for work-related journeys.  Perfect for community-based appointments, supplier visits, or cross-campus meetings.  It’s a full turn-key product with servicing and insurance included.  

Public sector experience

GCI currently works (off-framework) with numerous NHS Trusts, blue light services, councils, educational establishments and central government agencies.  GCI is a supplier on the Crown Commercial Services Employee Benefits and Services framework.

Top level customer service

GCI is an award-winning scheme provider and prides itself on excellent customer service which is reinforced through its ISO-9001 and ISO-27001 certifications. And it goes without saying that GCI’s scheme is HMRC and FCA compliant.  Check out our industry-leading Trustpilot reviews.  

With Solarcycle’s affordable workplace charging solution for ebike batteries and GCI’s straight-forward Cycle to Work scheme, it makes sense to talk now.

Get in touch today with the team at GCI for an informal chat about how to integrate the Cycle to Work Scheme into your employee rewards packages.  

020 3740 1836 /

Discover how staff at Ashford and St Peter’s are transforming the daily commute for NHS Staff ➔

Planning an E-bike Scheme?

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Gear Up with These Cool Gadgets for Cyclists and E-Bikers

Gear Up with These Cool Gadgets for Cyclists and E-Bikers

Cool Gadgets
for Cyclists and E-Bikers

Here at Solarcycle, we are passionate cyclists. Are you a cycling or e-biking enthusiast who loves exploring new routes, taking in scenic views, or simply commuting to work on two wheels?

Well, we’ve got you covered with a selection of must-have gadgets that will elevate your cycling experience. From a portable espresso maker to a solar-powered iPhone charger and versatile mounting solutions, these gadgets are designed to enhance your rides and make cycling even more enjoyable. So, gear up, hop on your bike, and let’s dive into the world of cycling tech!

Presso XL from Cafe2Go: Perfect Espresso on the Go

£89.50 Caffe2Go UK

Imagine this scenario: you’re halfway through your morning bike ride, and you find yourself in need of a caffeine fix. Enter the Presso XL from Cafe2Go, a robust, 18-bar travel espresso maker that brings the coffee shop experience right to your handlebars. What sets this gadget apart is its built-in kettle, which heats the coffee water to the perfect temperature before automatically pouring the perfect espresso into the included cup.

The Presso XL offers a choice of Nespresso-style cartridges or fresh ground powder, allowing you to customise your brew to suit your taste. Charging is a breeze with its USB-C connection, and the four LED lights indicate the progress. So, whether you’re exploring new trails or commuting to work, a quick stop at the top of a hill with the Presso XL will make your ride even more invigorating.

Portable Solar iPhone Charger (& Light): Power Your Adventures 

£37.95 Amazon UK

As a cyclist, you’re always on the move, and staying connected is essential. The Portable Solar iPhone Charger is a practical gadget that harnesses the power of the sun to keep your devices juiced up while you ride. Its compact design allows you to easily add it to your backpack or mount it on your bike, capturing free sunshine as you pedal away.

What makes this charger unique is its wireless charging capability. With a built-in wireless plate, you can conveniently charge your phone by simply placing it on top of the battery. No more fumbling with cables or connectors while you’re on the go. Plus, the charger features three powerful LED lights that can double as backup lights when mounted on your handlebars. It’s a must-have for every cyclist, ensuring you’re always powered up and visible during your adventures.

Quad Lock Universal Adapters: Endless Mounting Possibilities


From £14.99 – Bikestop

When it comes to mounting your devices securely on your bike, the Quad Lock ecosystem is a game-changer. The Quad Lock Universal Adapters provide a simple solution to attach your phone, portable batteries, or any other compatible device to your bike frame, handlebars, or even your helmet. These adapters can be easily added to any device, creating an endless ecosystem of mountings.
To complement the adapters, the Quad Lock Adhesive Wall Mount comes in handy. With its easy-to-use adhesive plate, you can securely fix it to any surface, expanding your mounting options beyond your bike. Whether you need to mount a spare battery, keep your phone within reach, or rely on GPS navigation without worrying about draining your battery, the Quad Lock system has got you covered.

There you have it, a roundup of some cool gadgets for cyclists and e-bikers that will take your rides to the next level. From enjoying a freshly brewed espresso on the go with the Presso XL to staying powered up with the Portable Solar iPhone charger, and embracing the versatility of the Quad Lock mounting system, these gadgets are here to enhance your cycling adventures. Get out there, explore, and make the most of your two-wheeled journeys with these fantastic cycling companions. Happy riding!

If you know of any cool gadgets for cyclists and e-bikers, and feel like they should be covered, let us know at

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