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Installing Solarcycle e-bike chargers at your workplace helps your organisation achieve transport, sustainability, and employee well-being goals, affordably. Solarcycle’s unique metering software, now makes measuring and reporting CO2 savings even easier.

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1. Transport & Planning

Installing our modular, off-grid solar e-bike chargers takes just minutes with no expensive groundworks. Providing safe, affordable charging nearby to offices and workplaces.

Employees switching to e-bikes can reduce the need for car parking spaces at your organisation, freeing up valuable space & reducing overall traffic congestion. Get a tailored report for your location:

2. Sustainability & ESG Targets

60% of journeys made in the UK are less than 5 miles and an average e-bike travels 60 miles on just 1kWh of energy. Our e-bike chargers deliver many kilowatts of this sustainable energy to staff and visitors, providing a measurable reduction in tonnes of CO2 for your organisation. Let us help you predict the savings:

3. Employee well-being

Staff choosing to travel by e-bike can save hundreds of £’s each month compared to fuel, leasing, insurance, parking, and servicing costs with car ownership. Staff with e-bikes also avoid traffic delays, parking problems and get get regular excercise, which is proven to reduce stress and sickness.


4. Reporting & Metering

67.7m tonnes of CO2 is generated by commuter car traffic in the UK every year. Our software provides you with accurate, daily, monthly and yearly reports of Clean kWh’s served and Carbon emitting Miles reduced.

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Client Spotlight:

Less cost & disruption = Better CO2 …

Digging up roads for mains electric charging is costly, disruptive and hindered Green Plans.

Solarcycle solved this challenge with a pilot off-grid Ebike charging scheme. Staff gain access to Ebikes provided by the hospital and powered by the sun. It free’s up traffic, parking and benefits the staff who choose this carbonless commuting option.